Why You Should Buy A Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Console
There are many places you can go to buy a playstation 4.

When you buy a sony playstation 4, it opens the door to an incredible journey.

This journey goes through immersive gaming worlds as well as a deeply connected gaming community.

The gamers are put first when it comes to this console.  There is an astounding launch lineup and over 180 games that are in development.  Gamers can play amazing top-tier blockbusters and creative indie hits on this gaming system.

Things to Look for When You Buy a PlayStation 4 Console

The PlayStation 4 console focuses on the gamer.  It ensures that the best games and experiences are possible on its platform.  The greatest game developers in the world were able to unlock their creativity.  They were also able to push the boundaries of play through a system that is tuned to their needs. 

There is a powerful custom chip that the playstation 4 console is centered around.  It contains x86-64 cores.  This chip has a state of the art 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor as well.  This processor has an 8 GB ultra-fast GDDR5 unified system memory.  It eases game creation and increases the richness of content that is achievable on the platform.  This results in new games with rich as well as high-fidelity graphics.


Get Dual Shock Wireless 4 Controller When You Buy A PlayStation 4

This controller delivers new innovation to deliver very cool gaming experiences for the PlayStation 4 console.  It includes a highly sensitive six-axis sensor and a touchpad.  The touchpad is located on top of the controller.  This offers new ways to interact and play with games.  There is also a new share button that puts video streaming and sharing a tap away.

Gamers will enjoy playing this video gaming system because of all the new features the developers have come up with. As you can see, when you buy a playstation 4, there is a kot to look forward to.

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